Secret Beach Getaway​

Fronted by calm, glistening clear waters of the Andaman Sea and fringed by large boulders and a forest of coconut palms and shady casuarinas, enjoy a day of quiet relaxation on a cozy and quaint natural beach teeming with rustic charm. Whizz to the secret sandy stretch accompanied by your experience guru and a picnic basket, just five minutes from the resort and ideal for swimming, relaxation and family-fun.

An authentic sense of escape awaits as you create your own adventures catching glimpses of exotic wildlife and flora among the surrounding rocks and rainforest or snorkeling among underwater marine life.​

Reservations to be made 48 hours in advance.

Special Note: Available on seasonal, the booking is depend on weather forecast and low tide period during the day​


For more information and reservations for these memorable things to do in Phuket, kindly check with our concierge during your stay to get the most up to date information. Planning ahead? Simply send an email to or telephone +66 7623 1234 and they will be happy to assist.

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