Big Buddha

Big Buddha is Phuket’s most revered landmark, perched high on the Nakkerd hilltops and visible from most of southern Phuket. A steep and winding road to the top will require some kind of motorized transportation all though it is possible to hike up a lesser known jungle trail, but this is not for the feinthearted.

The views when you reach the peak are well worth the climb and however you choose to get there you will be rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views over nearby towns, jungle-lined mountains and oceanviews dotted with offshore islands and picturesque boats moored up at Chalong Bay far below.

It will take approximately 60-minutes to drive to Big Buddha which is located in the small sub-district of Chalong and the price of a taxi is THB 1,500 per way. A Private taxi can also be booked for a minimum charge of THB 3,000 for three hours, which is adequate time to visit Big Buddha. With additional time costing THB 500 per hour, it is worth combining Big Buddha with other attractions in the South of the Island. Please see Phuket Explorer Tour for inspiration.


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