How to Get Around Phuket: Your Guide to Island Transportation

How to get around Phuket by Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

Explored by many, Phuket is a tropical paradise with breathtaking beaches, verdant rainforests, and cultural treasures. Its varied scenery and little-known treasures buried away in every corner mean that figuring out how to get around Phuket can open up a world of experiences.

For any kind of traveller—be it a family looking for comfort, a budget-conscious backpacker, or a thrill-seeker—Phuket offers a range of transportation choices.

While the sheer number of choices for getting around Phuket might seem overwhelming, fear not! In this article, we will help you navigate this world-renowned destination and its transport network with ease. We’ll delve into the pros and cons of each mode of transport, helping you find the best way to get around Phuket that aligns with your budget, preferences, and itinerary.

5 Different Ways of Getting Around Phuket

5 Different Ways of Getting Around Phuket by Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

1. Taxis & Ride-Hailing Apps

Taxis and ride-hailing applications such as Grab are easily accessible to visitors seeking convenience and comfort in their commute. Metered taxis are available across the island, and while costs are normally reasonable, be sure to negotiate before hopping in.

On the other hand, ride-hailing applications offer fixed pricing rates and the convenience of booking through your smartphone. It is an excellent choice for a speedy airport transfer to your Phuket Beach Resort.

  • Pros: Convenient and pleasant, ideal for families and travelling groups.
  • Cons: Longer rides can be pricey, and traffic congestion is common around tourist attractions.

2. Songthaews (Local Buses)

The bright blue songthaews are converted pickup trucks with bench seating that run through fixed routes around the island. They are often deemed the cheapest way to get around Phuket for short distances, costing less than 50 baht per trip, especially within major areas like Phuket walking street, Patong, and Kata.

However, routes can be limited, and waiting times can vary from 15 to 30 minutes between each bus, depending on the traffic.

You can conveniently find these Phuket local buses on Ranong Road in Phuket Old Town. There are different routes to choose from, and the buses are operated by different companies. Although there is no air conditioning, riding in one of these buses can give you a chance to enjoy the island’s breeze and different landmarks along the way.

  • Pros: Very affordable and offers a glimpse into local life.
  • Cons: Can be crowded, with limited routes, and no air conditioning.

3. Tuk-Tuks

Tuk Tuks in Phuket

Tuk-Tuks in Phuket are usually modified mini pickup trucks in bright red or yellow, and not the usual 3-wheelers you see in Bangkok. Similarly, they are open-air vehicles and a fun transportation choice nonetheless. You can easily find them near famous Phuket attractions, scattered across night markets, or even outside 5-star hotels in Phuket, waiting for passengers.

Short excursions and navigating small streets work best with tuk-tuks. Sadly, they are among the most expensive means of getting around Phuket. A brief cross-town trip may cost up to 100 baht. So, always agree on a price before starting your journey, as fares are often negotiable.

  • Pros: Fun, unique experience, good for short hops.
  • Cons: Can be noisy and bumpy, fares require negotiation, not ideal for long distances.

4. Motorbike Taxis

If you are travelling solo or with little luggage and are asking, “How to get around Phuket with fun?” then a motorbike taxi is the answer. They offer a quick and affordable way to zip through heavy traffic.

You can easily spot them by their colourful vests, often parked in groups around street corners. It is important to negotiate or ask for the fare before you hop on, and be sure to prioritize safety by wearing a helmet, which is typically given by the rider.

  • Pros: Cheap, fast, and good for navigating traffic, especially during rush hours.
  • Cons: Not suitable for groups or luggage, and safety can be a concern.

5. Renting Your Own Wheels

Renting a motorbike in Phuket

Renting a car or motorbike is a fantastic option if you fancy the freedom of getting around Phuket at your own pace. There are numerous rental agencies scattered throughout the island, offering a range of vehicles from commuter cars to scooters and adventure bikes.

Most importantly, remember that driving or riding in Phuekt’s traffic can be chaotic, so ensure you have an international driver’s license and familiarize yourself with local traffic rules.

  • Pros: Freedom and flexibility, ideal for exploring off-the-beaten-path locations.
  • Cons: Requires an international driver’s license, driving can be challenging, and parking can be limited in busy areas.

Choosing the Right Phuket Transportation

The best way to get around Phuket ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and the type of experience you seek. If you prioritize comfort and convenience, taxis and ride-hailing apps are excellent choices.

For a budget-friendly adventure, songthaews and motorbike taxis can be fun options. However, if you crave freedom and flexibility, renting a car or motorbike will give you the ultimate independence to explore Phuket’s hidden gems at your own pace.

With its diverse transportation options, exploring the island’s landmarks like the Phuket Walking Street and shopping hotspots has never been easier. No matter your style or budget, you’re sure to find the perfect way to navigate this tropical paradise.

After a day of island exploration, retreat to the luxurious haven of the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, 5-star hotel in Phuket nestled along the serene Kamala Beach. This exquisite resort offers world-class amenities, exceptional dining, and easy access to various transportation options, making it the ideal base for your Phuket adventures.

Understanding how to get around Phuket ensures you can fully enjoy all the island has to offer, whether you’re visiting popular attractions or discovering off-the-beaten-path treasures.

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