Ayurvedic Therapeutic Rituals​

Ancient healing studies propose that every individual composes ofthree internal components known as doshas that relate closely to the basic elements of nature and to specific functions of the body. Discover your own unique mix of doshas with our trained Ayurvedic practitioner for a tailored experience of therapeutic essential oils and traditional massage best suited to restore balance to your life-giving energies within.​

Embark on a targeted restorative program with two indulgent Ayurvedic treatments at Nahm Spa.

The Abhyanga Massage ( 90 mins.) restores the balance of your doshas with the soothing, rhythmic motions of a full-body massage with a customized blend of warm herb essential oils, to calm the nervous system, improve muscle flexibility and circulate energy.​

The Shirodhara Treatment (90 mins.) is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice that begins with a soothing back tension release massage followed by the gentle pouring of warm oil on the forehead. An invigorating scalp massage completes this ritual leaving your body, mind and nervous system in a deep state of rest.


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