Phuket Diving: Best Dive Sites and Dive Trips for an Exciting Vacation

Phuket Diving: Best Dive Sites and Dive Trips for an Exciting Vacation

Thailand is considered one of the best-kept diving secrets in the world, with world-class Phuket dive spots just off the island’s shores. Of course, local diving tourists from Southeast Asia and more intrepid divers from Europe and North America have discovered the oceanic delights that can be seen near Phuket for many years. This region of Thailand benefits from the opportunities provided by its location on the Andaman Sea, which is connected to the eastern Indian Ocean. As a result, Phuket diving is the greatest in Thailand and one of the finest diving areas in the world.

Phuket diving is well-known for its huge fringing reefs, stunning drop-offs, towering granite cliffs, wrecks, caverns, and tunnels. Beautiful underwater vistas are created by boulder formations and blooming coral gardens. These relatively untouched environments support a wide range of species, from large fish like manta rays, whale sharks, and leopard sharks to smaller underwater creatures like seahorses, anemone fish, and Nudibranchia. 

Diving off the island’s coastline is a pleasure for all types of divers, with various Phuket diving packages available. Today we will discuss the best time of year for diving in Phuket’s sea and the best dive sites that you would not want to miss on your next vacation.

The Best Time of Year For Phuket Diving

Phuket invites divers all year, with warm water that seldom falls below 25 degrees Celsius. The visibility range is typically between 25 and 40 meters.

The majority of Phuket’s diving spots are close to the coast, with shoreline entrances or via a short speedboat trip or longtail transport; thus, seasons have little effect on accessibility. In addition, the water currents are usually calm throughout the year, which is why these locations are excellent for people of all skill levels. Simply put, you can dive into the Andaman Sea from the shore of Phuket at any time of the year.

Indulge yourself in a fresh ensemble of creatures when the sun sets with the moon and stars shining in the skies. The moonlight transforms Phuket diving sites into an exotic world, complete with colourful plankton and night aquatic life. Night dives take place throughout the year, allowing visitors to rediscover their personal favourite dive locations from a completely different perspective. Your diving resort in Phuket will be able to assist you in providing local tips and recommendations for the best diving spots; below are some of our tips.

  • Anemone Reef
Phuket Diving: Best Dive Sites and Dive Trips for an Exciting Vacation

A prominent diving location in the Andaman Sea as well as a marine reserve. This is a limestone pinnacle located approximately one-mile northwest of Shark Point. It acquired its name from the numerous gorgeous anemones that grow there. This location is one of the best Phuket diving spots due to the diversity of colourful marine life on display. Expect to witness Lionfish, Clownfish, turtles, reef sharks, leopard sharks, and many more species. The maximum depth is 24 meters and is ideal for all levels of divers throughout the year.

  • King Cruiser Wreck
Phuket Diving: Best Dive Sites and Dive Trips for an Exciting Vacation

This is a major wreckage of a vehicle ferry that hit the reef and sank in 1997. Divers may reach the ship at a depth of about 50 to 100 feet, and this is a wonderful dive destination. Explorers will see the ruins of the ferry as well as a variety of sea life that has taken up residence there. Barracuda, snapper, lionfish, and a variety of other species are fairly widespread here. The fusion of a massive wreck and a plethora of fish makes the King Cruiser a must-visit for daring divers.

This dive, however, should be approached with caution because it is not suitable for novices. The wreck has deteriorated substantially in recent years, making it riskier to dive close to it. Seasoned divers, on the other hand, will discover plenty to appreciate here as long as they exercise caution.

  • Koh Racha Yai
Phuket Diving: Best Dive Sites and Dive Trips for an Exciting Vacation

Enjoy an hour-long sail out to the island of Koh Racha Yai to locate yet another spectacular Phuket diving location that is well worth the trip. Visibility can reach up to 100 feet in this area, which is known for its beautifully transparent waters. This makes it simple to identify the many corals that appear across every colour spectrum. Naturally, if there is a coral reef, there will be a plethora of fish. Barracuda, pufferfish, moray eels, and many other species can be found here.

  • Koh Racha Noi
Phuket Diving: Best Dive Sites and Dive Trips for an Exciting Vacation

Another excellent diving location in Koh Racha Noi is located an hour south of Koh Racha Yai. Since this island is known for its rapid and powerful currents, some of its sites are not suitable for novices. However, the deep seas immediately offshore play host to larger sea animals that are not really found in other places. You could even encounter manta rays or even whale sharks circulating in the area.

Drift divers can discover the currents at Koh Racha Noi, which are particularly exciting, with powerful currents pushing them along. The island is much less touristy than Koh Racha Yai, providing a more peaceful overall experience.

The mentioned Phuket diving sites are just a few among the countless sites available around the island. Moreover, you can choose to join a day trip which can take you to different dive sites throughout the day, but remember that Phuket diving price varies by each service provider. Still, regardless of which you choose, rest assured that you will have a memorable experience of the underwater world.

What Should I Do If I Am New to Diving?

If you wish to experience the sea of Phuket but are new to diving, we recommend a practice with a Phuket diving course for beginners to take the plunge into the world of diving. Additionally, we recommend learning how to snorkel with professionally trained divers. With the proper instruction and assistance, you could be enjoying your own snorkelling trip in no time. 

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