Rawai Artists Village

Phuket is a vibrant, thriving place behind the tourism curtain with local communities that offer an intruiging glimpse into authentic island life.

One such place is the Rawai Artist Village, located in a laid back corner of Southern Phuket. Here, visitors are welcome to visit a small, rustic collection of colorful, ramshackle galleries where local artists gather together to display their exhibitions, hang out and discuss art and other creative interests.

The artists are more than happy to talk with visitors about their work and links to the local culture, with many pieces produced in natural and recylcled products underpinning the pressing sustainabability issues of the day and the effects of overdevelopment of the island. There are many quality pieces of original artwork, photography and sculptures available to purchase in a variety of creative disciplines from scavaged driftwood installations, woodwork, batik and oil paintings, to hand-made artifacts and one-off fashion items and accessories.


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